• examples of graphics hetmana created for American Veterans for Equal Rights, Inc.

  • examples of extremely common graphic mistakes.

  • revised KNPC logos - a student group of Kent State University.  these logos were created for both web and print uses in 2000, and the triple moon logo still currently graces the group's banner as seen in the Kent State University Homecoming parade each October.  through the web programming donations of two hetmana programmers and one KNPC officer, the student group now has a fully overhauled and freestanding website at iNKPC.org.

  • cat dreams CD cover art - hetmana RR3.0 performance piece

  • iona CD cover art - epic sound collage by every man & iona

  • all h-103.com graphics and flash.


Note: some graphics may not appear in gallery per owner's request.  all gallery pages have grey backgrounds for perceptual neutrality.


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