The difference between the right word and the
almost right word is the difference between
"lightning" and "lightning-bug" -- Mark Twain

the same goes for graphic design.  the number one and number two mistakes in graphic design are using software that was never meant for professional application and using professional grade software improperly.  while any graphic application might get the job done, one wouldn't want their calling card, brochure or web presence to look one bit less professional than the work they tend to daily.

below is an example of the same two transparent images that were indeed created using professional grade software, but applied incorrectly.  it perfectly illustrates why it can be better to rely upon a professional designer with the right software and the knowledge of how to use it to its best ends, than to present a less than professional impression of your highly professional business.  even our own logo, "the migraine eye", can look far from professional if not tailored for the color scheme of each page that it is to appear on.  whether for print or for a website, graphics can make or break an overall appearance.  with the skill and care of many years of experience, we can very quickly make sure that any graphics needed are tailored to the medium on which they will appear.

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