below are several web apps, services and sites that I find useful.

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 - iPower.com - inexpensive feature-rich hosting on a rock solid backbone.
 - get cash back rebates and coupons for hundreds of online retailers, even some of your favorite stores. Don't pay full price if you don't have to.
 - regularly featuring free shipping on orders over $25, and discounts up to 35% and higher. Books, music video, housewares, toys, gourmet groceries, you name it!
Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free  - need 5000 full color t-shirts? Call me! Need 1 full color t-shirt, a mousepad and coffee cup? Set up a Cafepress account and create affordable schwag that can be ordered one item at a time!
 - phpBB - quite possibly THE best online php bulletin board system.
 - popup web-app used by the USPS, NASA and many others, for extended-information, etc.
 - 4checks is a clearing house for check printers. Looking for checks with your profession, school, favorite charity, sport, or just a picture that really says "me!"? check them out!
 - CondomHall: Condoms For Students. Condoms save lives -- use them!

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